Royal College

Pinnacle Royal College is a Government Approved Secondary School with a vision that enables both national and international standards in education. No matter your choice of study either in Science, Arts or the Social Sciences, there is a highly developed curriculum integrated with Information Technology and other skills to prepare our students for future competitive global society.

Dear parents/Guardians, PINNACLE ROYAL COLLEGE is the best choice for your child/ward’s education. The school is blessed with dedicated and committed staff who are always ready to teach effectively. At Pinnacle, Determination is our key to success.

Pinnacle Royal College, Rounder Abeokuta became operational in 2009 base on the aspiration and desire of the proprietor to give affordable and qualitative education to the youths of the community, state and country at large.


Pinnacle Royal College
Great School for the King and Queen
Noble School for the new era
We shall shine and excel
Pinnacle Royal College
Lay the anchor Foundation
Your achievement shall be like the stars
You shall surely be the best, Oh!
We will never ever never lack in anything
We shall rise, rise up high, high beyond the sky
Forward ever backward never
Our ship must sail, on to the promise land

Pinnacle Royal College
Dance the celebrating dance
Ascend the ladder never slip your feet
Success shall surely be ours
Pinnacle Royal College
Knowledge is power
Acquire it and be proud of it
You shall stand out of the crowd
We will never ever, never lack anything
We shall rise, rise up high high beyond the sky
Forward ever backward never
Our Ship must sail on to the Promise Land